How to set up a commission..

Step One:

Send a wee message or phone me and we can have a chat about what you envisage and what might work well. There's no obligation to commit to a commission until I start the drawing.

Step Two:

Send me some photographs, either digital or hard copy to have a look at and again discuss what would work best.

Step Three:

Wait until your spot in my waiting list comes up and then I get started on your drawing. I keep you updated throughout with lots of photos and then post the finished drawing out to you. I can also get the drawing mounted or framed to your taste and a high quality digital copy can also be purchased.

Prices 2022:

A4 - From £200

A3 - From £300

I can also do some smaller or outline/half filled drawings.

Please Note I Have a Waiting List:

I am limited time wise as I can only work up to a  few hours each day when my wee one is at Nursery or after he has gone to bed.